Pompano Beach Urgent Care: Making Your Body Fit for Kayak Fishing

Extreme Kayak Fishing Inc. is giving you an opportunity to put your skills to the test. At the Kayak Fishing Tournament, you can compete with other kayakers in a fun, friendly environment. The event aims to create a safe, yet thrilling, experience for those who love kayak fishing. Though exciting, such tournaments pose risks for participants. You have to ensure your safety by preparing your mind and body for the competition.

body fit for kayak fishing

Injuries that could cause you to visit a Pompano Beach urgent care clinic are common during this tournament. As kayakers heavily use the upper part of their body, shoulder injury is one of the most common. To help you learn more about this risk and how to deal with it, below is some information you need to keep in mind:

How Does Shoulder Injury Occur?

The shoulder has a ball and socket joint that enables you to move the arm around. There are major and minor muscles that keep the shoulder functioning. Keeping the major muscles strong is essential for mobility; however, the smaller muscles, which are called rotator cuffs, should be strengthened as well.

When kayak fishing, you put added pressure on your shoulder, making it move out of the “box.” Due to added weight and heavy use, your shoulder joint strains and the rotator cuffs get into an uncomfortable position that may lead to wear and tear. This is when an injury occurs. Among the most common shoulder injuries include torn bicep tendons, rotator cuffs, or labrums.

How to Prevent a Shoulder Injury?

The best way to prevent a shoulder injury is to strengthen your muscles surrounding it. You can do this by performing exercises and conditioning techniques that target the shoulder, wrist, arms, and other vital points. Another way is to learn and follow proper kayaking techniques. Practicing the right way of paddling, rowing, and other necessary movements will help your muscles remember the motion, strengthening them and helping them adjust.

Learning how a shoulder injury occurs and how to prevent it will help you finish the tournament in a safer manner. Kayak fishing is an extreme adventure, and so it requires a prepared body and mind. In case you sustain an injury, don’t hesitate to seek immediate assistance from a walk in clinic in Pompano Beach to prevent it from getting worse.


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