Pompano Beach Urgent Care Center Gives Advice on Insect Bite Allergies

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Bite Allergies

While you’re enjoying the outdoors and wilderness, however, you also should remember to pay attention to the kind of possible health risks and injuries that you could encounter. Not all dangerous wildlife are large in size. Sometimes, even the tiniest, such as insects and bugs, can cause equally severe damage.

Your local Pompano Beach urgent care center provides you these helpful tips so that you can be better equipped to prevent or treat with these bites should you or anyone else in your group have an adverse reaction. Prompt action is especially needed if an allergy is triggered.

Stings and Allergies

Most people go through life not necessarily knowing that they are allergic to certain insect bites. This ignorance is understandable because you are not likely to know you have an allergy until you actually get bitten and it is triggered.

Symptoms are ample and varied. The reaction could be instantaneous, such as the development of rashes or hives and swelling on the skin. Eyes, nose, lips, and ears can also become puffy and swollen. Spreading itchiness and a burning sensation could also be a sign that the bite is more serious.

In these cases, the bitten individual may experience dizziness or nausea, vomiting, stomach and joint pain, a high-grade fever or tightness in the throat and chest, making it difficult to breathe.

For inflammation, antihistamines and cortisol can help provide relief; however, for airways being blocked or your heart rate being elevated, it is much better to seek professional medical assistance. There are specific medications for certain types of allergies that you may not have access to, but that would be available at Pompano Beach urgent care centers, like U.S. HealthWorks. Most importantly, though, don’t panic. Stay calm, administer medication that can help alleviate the pain and distress that the patient is feeling, and see a doctor immediately.

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