Old Town Untapped at Pompano Beach: Urgent Care Reminders and Tips

The first ever Old Town Untapped festival is to be held this summer in downtown Pompano Beach, FL. This event will showcase unique and locally crafted beers, as well as art displays, and live music performances. Guests are expected to be coming in from all over town for some fun and good eats, and if you’re planning on celebrating, here are some helpful health reminders.

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Get Walking

As you enjoy an evening of fun, you might as well put in some exercise. For events like these, walking is expected, and it is a good form of low-intensity workout that just about anybody can do. Walking, even for 30 minutes per day, can help lower one’s risk of heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, and even prevent some forms of cancer. Be sure that when you attend the event, you are wearing comfortable walking shoes.

Stay Hydrated

Pompano Beach urgent care facilities strongly recommend that tourists and visitors drink enough water when attending such events. Dehydration can be a serious scenario, especially in crowded places where the temperatures can get high. Be prepared by taking with you an extra bottle of water or two, and be sure to take sips often. Even if you will be taking in alcohol, you should still hydrate your body with water.

Eat Enough

Several food trucks offering scrumptious fare are going to be at the festival, so be sure to have your fill. However, it is recommended that you don’t eat too much to prevent indigestion or diarrhea. Also, if you’re planning on sampling the unique beers, ensure that you eat foods that are high in carbohydrates to slow down the absorption of alcohol in your body.

Know the Nearest Walk-In Clinic

While you and your friends prepare for having a great evening at the Old Town Untapped festival, it pays to know the nearest walk in clinic in Pompano Beach. In any case of dehydration or exhaustion from walking, approach these centers to get immediate medical attention. Urgent care specialists are on call to help you or your group with your health concerns.

These are just a few tips to help you gear up for the upcoming local festival. Take the time to walk for exercise, stay hydrated, and get enough eats. In case of an urgent situation, make sure to know the closest UC center in Pompano Beach so your medical needs can be addressed.


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