Tips for Dealing with Asthma Attacks from Pompano Beach Urgent Care

Great-tasting food and stunning views await those participating in the Sunset Dinner Tour. Everyone is encouraged to enjoy a sunset stroll along the Intracoastal Waterway and take a look at the Shoppes of Harbor Village. Other than sampling the best local dishes, you can get prime views of privately-owned yachts and picturesque waterfront homes in the area.


As enjoyable as this activity may sound, sudden asthma attacks can easily ruin the evening. Asthma can strike at any moment without warning, especially if you find yourself walking to the point of exhaustion. Don’t let your asthma act up on such a fun night when you can take these preventive measures shared by urgent care providers in Pompano Beach.

Understand Symptoms

Since you’ll be doing a lot of walking during this tour, it helps to know the most common symptoms of an asthma attack. Some of those include coughing, difficulty breathing, dizziness and wheezing.

If any of these symptoms occur, stop and take a rest, sit upright, then use your inhaler. As you’re using your inhaler, make sure that you take deep, rhythmic breaths. This can help the symptoms dissipate so you can go about your day. Don’t try to push through it or fight the pain because this could cause your condition to worsen.

Make sure that you stay calm throughout the ordeal, otherwise you might risk worsening your symptoms. More importantly, stay away from possible asthma triggers. Some of the more common triggers include mold, pollen, smoke, pet dander and cleaning products.

Manage Symptoms without an Inhaler

If flare-ups start happening and you are caught without your inhaler, don’t panic. There are other ways you can treat asthma. Try breathing techniques like the Papworth method or the Buteyko technique. Covering your mouth and nose is also smart because there might be air irritants around that are producing your flare-ups. You can also drink a hot caffeinated beverage like coffee because this helps open up your airways.

Seek Help from Urgent Care

Should your symptoms worsen despite these steps, immediately go to a Pompano Beach urgent care clinic, like U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group. These facilities cater to patients in need of immediate medical assistance. For asthma patients, this means the delivery of necessary oxygen levels to stabilize your condition.

Asthma attacks can happen at any time, especially if you’re taking long walks at the Sunset Dinner Tour. With these steps, you can keep asthma at bay and prevent it from ruining an evening filled with food and fun!

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