A Pompano Beach Urgent Care Center’s Tips to Protect Against the Flu

The common cold is so infectious that it can easily pass from one person to another. As the weather becomes colder, it becomes even more likely for people to catch it. Having a cold or the flu can range from being mildly irritating to downright debilitating. The more potent it is, the more contagious you are as well.


Because you are highly likely to pass the virus on to someone else, it’s not advised for you to be out and about and in close contact with others. Being sick could very well cost you important time away from your family and work, which is troublesome and inconvenient.

Here are some helpful tips from a Pompano Beach urgent care center that you can consider to keep yourself protected from illness, especially during this flu season.

Always Wash Your Hands

The flu virus is very easily transmitted. A person sneezing into his hands can transfer germs to the doorknob as he opens the door. If you were to touch this same doorknob, chances are high that they will then be transferred to you. A simple touch to the face then makes it very likely that you can get infected.

Simply put, there’s no way of knowing what kind of bugs or germs you are coming in contact with every day. Your best bet is to always keep your hands clean. Make sure to wash properly with soap and water after using the bathroom, for example. You can also use sanitary wipes or hand gels. It does not necessarily guarantee absolute protection from getting sick, but it does improve your chances of avoiding becoming infected

Practice Good Hygiene

Germs and other bacteria thrive in dirty environments. Make sure to keep your surroundings clean, practice good personal hygiene, and be mindful of the things that you come in contact with. Take particular care of surfaces, such as kitchen counters, that are likely to attract disease-carrying insects and bugs. Wipe them down with disinfectant and make sure to keep them clean and dry.

Doing regular exercise should also help boost your immunity, thereby minimizing the chances of becoming easily infected by a sick person.

Get Vaccinated

Getting a flu shot is the most important and effective way for you to protect yourself against the flu. Not only will you be taking good care of your health, but also that of those around you as well. Visit your local walk in clinic in Pompano Beach, such as U.S. HealthWorks, to get vaccinated.

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