Pompano Beach Urgent Care Center Warns About Thanksgiving Mishaps

Most Thanksgiving health warnings commonly focus on how to prevent overeating so you can avoid gaining weight throughout the holiday season. Yet what often misses the spotlight are the more serious health hazards or accidents that can disrupt your celebrations and send loved ones to urgent care centers in Pompano Beach.


Anecdotal evidence says that urgent care center visits spike during holidays like Thanksgiving in which there’s increased merrymaking, cooking, eating, and other traditions that make people more active with friends and family. While it’s impossible to prevent accidents completely, knowing the common injuries that happen during Thanksgiving can help you prepare for them.

Cutting Injuries

From chopping ingredients for stuffing and side dishes to carving the turkey, you’ll be handling a lot of knives and other chopping tools during this holiday. Just one unfortunate slip of the hand, and you might be looking at a panic-inducing laceration. Not only that, but jagged bone ends, broken bottles, and other objects with sharp points can cause cuts that involve risk for infection.

To avoid this, make sure that knives are sharpened properly to make them safer to use. In addition, reserve chopping and cutting tasks for experienced members of the household. Finally, stay focused and be extra careful every time you handle sharp cutting tools.

Excessive Drinking and Eating

Holiday weight gain is not the only thing you need to watch out for during Thanksgiving. With so much delicious food to eat, guests tend to eat a lot in a short span of time, leading to conditions like heartburn which can mimic a heart attack. Surprisingly, dehydration can be an issue too, especially for those who opt to drink cocktails, wine, and other liquors without balancing it out with water.

Go easy on your digestive system and heart by dialing back your portions and pacing yourself while having your meals. Try not to overindulge in alcohol, and make sure you drink water and other non-alcoholic beverages to stay hydrated.

Outdoor Injuries

For many families, throwing a football around the backyard is a longstanding tradition during Thanksgiving. This fun game takes you and your loved ones outdoors for active bonding as you enjoy the nice weather. Often, however, such backyard games can get overzealous and over-competitive. Maneuvers like hard tackles can result in injuries like sprains, fractures, and back strains.

While Thanksgiving certainly can increase the risk for injuries, this doesn’t have to keep you and your guests from having the best time during the holidays. In case an accident does happen, a Pompano Beach urgent care center can tend to the injured person and give them proper medical attention.


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