Urgent Care Clinics Advise What to Wear when Decorating Your Home

When it comes to putting up decorations for the holiday, it is crucial that nobody gets hurt in the process. Wearing the proper gear can actually prevent mishap. Such attire may not appear all that flattering, dressing appropriately helps you to complete your tasks with confidence, convenience, and more importantly, free of worries about slipping and falling.

To clue you in, your Pompano Beach urgent care center offers some helpful tips on how to use such gear to maintain safety as you erect your holiday displays.

Christmas Decor


Not just any conventional pair of sneakers will prevent slipping. Use the ones with strong traction on the soles so that you will not easily slip as you navigate your way on top of the roof. Also, keep in mind that it is not only your roof that poses a slipping hazard.

Non-skid shoes should be worn everywhere, especially when decorating outside on your walkway, in front of your house, in or outside of your garage, or on any other path and surface exposed to moisture, wet leaves and otherwise slippery debris.


If the weather becomes frigid, wear a good pair of working gloves so that you do not freeze your hands. This should help you get a better grip on ledges and railings, as well as protect your hands from becoming clumsy via numbness and lack of mobility.

In case you are hanging lights from the roof, the gloves keep your hands safe from cuts or scrapes due to broken tree branches, hard-dried leaves, or animal nests.

Utility Belt

The great thing about wearing a utility belt is that it leaves your hands free to safely climb up or down the ladder and it eliminates the need to carry anything in your hands while gripping the ladder. Because your tools are all in the belt, you can grab them as you need them, saving you from the hassle of having to pick up your equipment.

Of course, workwear for your holiday decorating project serves only a supplement to your safety precautions. Ultimately, you must observe auxiliary safety measures to avoid injuries or accidents like slips and falls.

In case you incur a mishap despite your best safety efforts and proper attire, it is advisable to apply the appropriate first aid method before making your way to a walk-in clinic in Pompano Beach, such as U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group.

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